Wuhan Lab Performed Experiments On Monkeypox

(PresidentialInsider.com)- With most of the American public moving on from the COVID pandemic, the American corporate news media has found another reason to stoke up fear over a virus. Over the last week, the news media has been fearmongering over an outbreak of monkeypox in Europe and North America.

So far, there have been 200 confirmed cases worldwide, and according to the World Health Organization, the current outbreak is spreading primarily through gay sex.

According to the WHO, two confirmed cases in the UK were reported two weeks ago, making those the first monkeypox cases of the year that have been recorded outside of Africa where the monkeypox has been circulating at low levels for the last forty years.

Monkeypox is easily preventable using the smallpox vaccine.

Subsequently, European nations have confirmed dozens of additional cases in what is being described as Europe’s largest outbreak of the virus ever. Both the United States and Canada have reported five confirmed or suspected cases each.

Of the five in the US, only one is a confirmed case of monkeypox while the other four are only suspected cases. According to Dr. John Brooks, the CDC’s chief medical officer of HIV prevention, many of those affected worldwide in the current outbreak are identified as gay or bi-sexual men.

WHO officials also confirmed that this outbreak appears to have spread among men who engage in sex with other men. However, since monkeypox is not a sexually-transmitted infection, the WHO has emphasized that anyone can contract the virus.

Monkeypox is spread through close contact with people, animals, or material infected with the virus. While it can be transmitted through respiratory droplets, the CDC maintains that such transmission requires prolonged face-to-face contact since the droplets can travel no more than a few feet.

But the fearmongering over this outbreak isn’t just coming from the left-leaning media.

Over the weekend, The National Pulse noted that nine researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology had published a study in February on the monkeypox virus. In the study, the researchers identified a portion of the virus genome as a way to enable PCR testing to identify the virus. In its report, the National Pulse accuses the researchers of “potentially creating a ‘contagious pathogen.’”