World Health Organization Confirms “Conspiracy” Is Actually Real With New Guidance

( With many nations requiring proof of vaccination both for its citizens and for travel to their countries, the World Health Organization published a report on guidelines for transitioning to digital vaccine certification rather that paper cards.

The WHO continues to say it does not support the requirement of proof of vaccination to travel. It also insists that these guidelines for digital documentation are not an endorsement of mandating proof of vaccination to travel. It does believe however, that moving to digital certification may reduce the need for quarantine or testing. Ultimately, the report merely offers guidance on the technical requirements for issuing these digital certificates.

In its report, the World Health Organization offers minimum requirements for digital documentation that all member states can implement so there is consistency across the board.

The WHO argues that digital documentation would allow for continuity of medical care as all relevant records are readily available.

On the one hand, the World Health Organization’s report isn’t advocating for proof of vaccination, merely offering what it believes is a better method of proof over the use of paper documentation. It is responding to reality – namely some countries are already requiring proof of COVID vaccination, so rather than go with paper which can easily be forged, the WHO is suggesting they go with digital.

It is also worth noting that the World Health Organization has no authority to order anything. This isn’t an order for countries to start implementing a digital documentation policy.

On the other hand, these guidelines, however innocuously presented, could be easily abused.

Sure, it could be viewed innocently as “Hey, the World Health Organization is seeing these countries require proof of vaccination, so they’re just offering their suggestion for a more efficient method.” But if the COVID Panic taught us anything, it’s that those in power will not hesitate to use their power to the fullest. In the US, we have seen that states and cities had no problem disregarding the Constitutional limits of government all in the name of “keeping us safe.” So it cannot be ruled out that some may see these guidelines as the WHO giving its imprimatur to mandating digital vaccine passports.

Given that these guidelines extend beyond COVID, it is understandable that the purpose would be perceived as nefarious. And it certainly doesn’t help matters that this report was funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.