Woman With OnlyFans Account Can’t Volunteer At Children’s School

(PresidentialInsider.com)- A Florida mother of two was told in October that she could no longer volunteer at her children’s school after an anonymous letter from a “concerned parent” outed her racy OnlyFans account.

OnlyFans is an adult-only subscription service that allows content creators to earn money from subscribers who pay to view their adult content.

Victoria “Snooks” Triece, whose children attend Sand Lake Elementary School, received verbal notice that her involvement in Orange County Public Schools’ ADDition volunteer program was no longer needed.

And now she is suing the district for $1 million for being barred from participating.

According to Triece’s attorney Mark NeJame, the school district had no legal or constitutional justification to prevent her from participating in her children’s school activities. NeJame said the only pretense for Triece being “unceremoniously dumped” was someone taking “the posture of being a moral guardian.”

Triece had been acting as a volunteer in the district for five years, and to qualify, she had to pass a background check. While she can no longer serve in the ADDition program, Triece was informed last week that she will still be allowed to chaperone field trips with her 5- and 10-year-old sons. Her attorney said the last-minute change of heart shows that Orange County Public School officials are “scrambling to clean up their mess.”

In the press conference announcing the suit, Triece told reporters that she has been on OnlyFans for more than two years and has never attempted to hide it. She also has Twitter and Instagram accounts with up to 123,000 followers – all of which feature profile pictures of the heavily-tattooed Triece in alluring poses.

Saying she feels “humiliated” by the Nosy Parker parent’s letter, Triece told reporters that nobody has the right to judge how other people make a living. She said that she loves spending time with her kids and has developed “great relationships” with the other parents and students.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, none of the guidelines for the Orange County Public Schools’ ADDition program explicitly state what volunteers can or cannot do while not on campus.

Triece told reporters that other parents at the school are supporting her in this, adding everyone was “just floored” by the district’s decision.