Woman Accused Of Election Fraud Charged With More Charges!

(PresidentialInsider.com)- On May 3rd, the Cherokee Nation Attorney General in Oklahoma brought a charge of election fraud and false personation against a volunteer staffer for a candidate running for the Cherokee Tribal Council.

Staffer Lisa Cookson was arrested the following day and charged with filling out and signing absentee ballot request forms for voters without their knowledge and consent. At the time of her arrest investigators had identified fifteen fraudulent ballots submitted by Cookson.

Well, that total number of fraudulent ballots just got bigger, and last week, Cherokee Nation Attorney General Sara Hill filed an additional five charges of “false personation” against Cookson as well.

According to the new charges, Cookson, a volunteer for the campaign of Bobby Slover a candidate running in the June 5 Cherokee Nation general election, allegedly prepared, altered and signed more than 90 absentee ballot request forms.

These fraudulent ballot forms were submitted to the Cherokee Nation Election Commission without the knowledge or consent of the more than ninety people Cookson defrauded.

Among the 14 witnesses who have come forward to corroborate Cookson’s crimes is the candidate she volunteered for — Bobby Slover himself.

In a statement on the case, Attorney General Hill said that her office “takes election fraud allegations very seriously,” adding that tribal election laws must be enforced in order to “protect the rights of Cherokee Nation citizens and to uphold the integrity of our electoral process.”

Each count of election fraud and false personation comes with it up to three years in prison and a maximum fine of $15,000.

Cookson is expected back in court on August 10.

Meanwhile the corporate media and Congressional Democrats continue to claim that mail-in balloting is “safe and secure,” and fraud such as the kind committed by Cookson could not happen.

But people keep getting arrested for exploiting absentee ballots as a way to commit fraud.

It’s almost as if the media and Democrats really don’t care if fraud happens.