Woke Lefties Take Aim At Hamilton Musical for Celebrating George Washington

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- It wasn’t that long ago that Hamilton was all the rage. The play had been reimagined to include black characters and was the talk of the town…but the play is now in the process of being canceled by woke lefties who think it portrays George Washington in too positive a light.

Remember, it was only in 2015 when the play became a massive hit. It was praised by President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, it was played all over the country, and its popularity lasted for years. But that’s all changing.

The controversy started when Disney debuted the Broadway musical on its streaming platform recently. It’s the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers, and portrays Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, among others, as courageous men. Which, obviously, they were. It was even used to raise money for the failed presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, so it is by no means a right-wing show. But on Saturday. Michael Rappaport changed it all with just a few tweets.

The Hollywood actor and director tweeted on Saturday, asking whether it’s time to cancel the musical.

“Is it time to discuss canceling #hamiltonmusical ?” he asked. “Celebrating a signing George Washington?”

He signed off the tweet with “#CancelHamilton” and then asked, “Singing Slave Owners?”

Give me a break…

The film version of the hit play started streaming on Disney Plus on Friday, prompting huge numbers of people to watch the show for the first time.

Megyn Kelly, former Fox News anchor who is best known for her animosity towards President Trump during the 2016 election, even chimed in with her own comments about it.

“Can Hamilton – a show that celebrates America and her founders – survive cancel culture?” she asked.

It doesn’t seem like Kelly was supporting it, but her question alone was enough to prompt a huge discussion, with hundreds of people tweeting about her tweet alone and thousands of other striking up their own conversations about the topic.

The actors and producers of the show were probably expecting this, which is why tweets published in May 31 see members of the team pledging their allegiance to Black Lives Matter.

Conform or be canceled, people!