Witness Claims Trump’s Chief Of Staff Was On Phone Call During January 6th

(PresidentialInsider.com)- A person who helped planned the Ellipse rally on January 6, 2021, says that Mark Meadows and a Trump national campaign spokesperson were both involved in trying to get people to march to the Capitol building on that infamous day.

Scott Johnston recently revealed this information to Rolling Stone magazine, and says he has testified to investigators with the House January 6 committee to that effect.

Johnston told Rolling Stone that he overheard one of the team’s planning conversations that happened between organizers of the rally and some top officials who worked closely with former President Donald Trump.

Trump and those close to him have consistently maintained that they had no active role in encouraging people to attack the Capitol building. Instead, they’ve said they were just participating in a peaceful demonstration before Congress was set to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Johnston says that isn’t the case. He claims that some of the top Trump officials in both the White House and on his re-election campaign team planned having the crowd of people march to the Capitol building that day. He says the officials were trying to “make it look like they were down there on their own,” so as to keep separation between themselves and the events.

In addition to having multiple conversations with Rolling Stone about what he overhead, Johnston says he also has spoken with investigators involved with the House select committee.

He says that he overheard Trump’s then-White House chief of staff, Meadows, as well as Katrina Pierson, the campaign’s spokeswoman, speaking with Women for America First’s executive director, Kylie Kremer.

On that call, Johnston says they were discussing various plans for having people march over to the Capitol building after the rally. He said that he was able to hear everything that was discussed on the call because they were having it over speakerphone.

Johnston also said he was the one who drove Kremer to and from rallies the group held at the end of 2020.

As he explained to Rolling Stone:

“They were very open about how there was going to be a march. Everyone knew there was going to be a march.”

Johnston even said the trio discussed whether they should get a permit to create an official status for the march to the Capitol building. They ultimately decided against doing that, though, as they were worried about the costs for security and about how it would look for Trump.

Instead, Johnston said the group was planning to just “direct the people down there and make it look like they went down there on their own.”

Despite these accusations, Trump and his top officials have all denied having anything to do with pre-planning a march to the Capitol building.

In a book that Meadows wrote about his role in the Trump administration, he said the violence that happened on January 6 was the result of “the actions of a handful of fanatics across town.”