Whoopi Goldberg Steps Away From “The View” After Being Exposed To Someone With COVID

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Whoopi Goldberg stepped back from her role on “The View” last week after being exposed to somebody who recently tested positive for COVID-19.

The far-left TV host disappeared from the show on Wednesday, with her co-host Joy Behar telling viewers that she “feels fine and healthy” but that she wasn’t coming into the studio for the next two days out of an abundance of caution.

The TV hosts used this as an opportunity to lecture people, yet again, about the importance of social distancing and isolating at home if you believe you have come in contact with somebody who has COVID-19 – even if you don’t have any symptoms and it’s extremely unlikely that you’re passing on the virus to anybody.

“If you’re near someone who has been exposed and is positive, you can’t come here,” Behar said.

Has anyone more miserable and nasty ever been named “Joy” before? The irony is almost cruel.

“That’s the way we operate here. She also wanted me to share that she tested negative earlier today and she had her booster,” Behar added.

Goldberg returned to the show on Friday, but only because the show had been taped a week earlier.

It’s important to note here that every host on The View has been fully vaccinated. So, if the vaccines work, why would Goldberg be at risk of spreading the virus to anybody?

Aren’t vaccinated people meant to be protected from the virus? And isn’t it only unvaccinated people who spread it?

Nothing makes sense anymore.