Whoa: Republican Takes Dem House Seat In NEW YORK CITY

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Here’s a piece of news you probably didn’t expect to hear: a Republican challenger has taken a House seat in Democrat-run New York City. Rep. Max Rose conceded the race on Thursday for New York’s 11th District, handing the reins over to GOP candidate Nicole Malliotakis.

Malliotakis will represent one of the few remaining Republican-friendly areas of New York City, which includes Staten Island and Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

In a statement, outgoing Congresswoman Max Rose congratulated his challenger.

“As we continue to count every ballot and are on track to dramatically narrow the gap by tens of thousands of votes to a 4-5% margin, it is now clear that we will fall short of 50.1%,” he said. “I have called to congratulate @NMalliotakis on her win and concede the #NY11 race.”

Rose said that representing the district was the “honor of [his] life” and that he will keep fighting for Staten Island and Brooklyn.

The victory for the Republicans is significant, but is one of many examples of Republicans ousting Democrat incumbents on election day 2020. While Democrats continue to refuse to accept the possibility that misconduct may have swayed the results of the presidential election, across the country Republicans have taken House seats that Democrats really wanted to keep hold of.

Rose’s election defeat will come as a sting, as he took the seat from the Republicans during the 2018 midterm elections and said back in December 2019 that he believed the Democrats would beat Republicans nationally by a “large margin.” He wasn’t the only one who thought it, either.

Internal fighting has broken out in the Democratic Party between the so-called moderates and the most radically left-wing elements of the party, with both sides blaming the other for their string of election losses this year.

Rose likely didn’t get much support from Republican communities in this part of Brooklyn and Staten Island, given that he supported the impeachment of President Donald Trump.