White House Tries To Hide From Court Packing Plot By Democrats

(PresidentialInsider.com)- President Joe Biden is reportedly trying to distance himself from extremist plans to pack the Supreme Court, which was described by House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler as “unpacking the court.”

Which it categorically is not.

Candidate Joe Biden famously refused to even answer the question about packing the court during the last election campaign, and now, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is following in his footsteps and declining to say whether President Biden is angry with a group of Congressional Democrats coming forward with plans to pack the Supreme Court with four more judges.

“He certainly understands that members of Congress have a range of views, and they’re going to propose legislation. He may or may not support it,” she said.

May or may not support it? Yep, that sounds like a Joe Biden response.

During a press briefing this week, Nadler stood behind a podium that said “Expand the Court,” while also claiming that their plans were “unpacking” the court and “not packing it.”

Is that one of the most blatant lies ever told by Democrats?

Nadler said that legislation he and other Congressional Democrats planned to put forward would put four additional justices on the Supreme Court, claiming that it would be a “logical progression” to move the number up from nine to 13, because there happens to be 13 circuit courts across the country.

It’s also exceptionally convenient that the number of justices required to make up 13 is exactly one more than the number of justices nominated and confirmed under the Trump administration.

That’s three to balance out Trump’s nominees, and one extra to tip the scale.

The decision will set a disturbing precedent, with a successive Republican president possibly requiring to consider more plans to expand the court to reverse the damage done by the Democrats’ plans to pack the court this time around. And Congressional Democrats seem to be keen to get this done without President Joe Biden getting involved.

“The president believes in freedom of speech and that members can come forward and share their points of views on a range of issues, including the future of the courts. He has his own view,” Psaki added.

He believes in freedom of speech…until he packs the Supreme Court and uses its new far-left bias to further restrict American’s First Amendment rights…

The “Judiciary Act of 2021” was put forward by Nadler along with Reps. Mondaire Jones and Hank Johnson.

The proposal, thankfully, probably won’t go anywhere in Congress, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying she would rather wait to see what President Biden’s new commission comes up with.

Once that commission comes up with an idea, that’s when we should start worrying…