White House Says Joe Biden Will Surrender To CDC If They Call For More Shutdowns

(PresidentialInsider.com)- During a press briefing last Thursday, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre why Americans should trust President Biden not to order lockdowns again. After some hemming and hawing, Jean-Pierre admitted that if “experts” or the “science” say to lock everything down again, the President will listen to the “experts.”

Two hours later Jean-Pierre was on Twitter walking back what she said.

In responding to a Fox News report on the exchange between her and Peter Doocy, Jean-Pierre denied that the White House was considering lockdowns, saying that President Biden had just said that “We are not going back to that.”

In a follow-up tweet, Jean-Pierre said the US would not be going to back to lockdowns because “we now have the tools to put this virus behind us,” adding that the “science says” vaccinations work. Jean-Pierre closed her tweet with the requisite “get vaccinated.”

Then at Friday’s press briefing, Jean-Pierre doubled down on her walk-back.

The only problem is, Karine Jean-Pierre’s walk-back is getting undermined by the man at the top – the very man she assured us had just said, “We are not going back to that.”

On Friday, as he was leaving the White House to spend the weekend at Camp David, President Biden was asked by a reporter if “rougher restrictions” are returning. And Biden’s answer just undermined Jean-Pierre’s assurances. He told the reporter that, yes, in “all probability” rougher restrictions are coming back.

On Monday, One America News reporter Jack Posobiec tweeted the surprising news that President Biden is planning to address the nation about possible lockdowns. A White House source told Posobiec that they are planning to make the President’s speech “the most solemn in history,” similar to the solemnity of President Bush’s address to the nation after the 9/11 attack. The source also told Posobiec “would start stocking up if I were y’all.”

This brings us back to Peter Doocy’s question to Karine Jean-Pierre last Thursday.

Given the flip-flops and broken promises, why should Americans trust Biden to keep to his word and refuse to lock the country down again?

If Posobiec’s source is right, the answer appears to be, we shouldn’t trust a word he says.