White House Mulling Sending “Killer Drones” To Ukraine

(PresidentialInsider.com)- While the United States won’t be directly engaging with the Russian military in Ukraine, the Biden White House is reportedly considering supplying Ukrainian fighters with killer drones – known as Switchblades – which are capable of scanning the ground to find specific military equipment, and even specific troops, and targeting them with munitions.

NBC News revealed the possible plans, citing two anonymous congressional officials who were briefed about the idea.

There are already two kinds of Switchblade drone used by the United States military, both produced by AeroVironment. The Switchblade 300 and Switchblade 600 are used in different environments, with the 300 model targeting troops and the 600 model targeting vehicles and tanks.

According to the reports, the 600 model can also travel for 50 miles over a 40-minute period. The drones are also easy to set up, sometimes only taking a matter of minutes for troops to get the drone into the air and searching for targets.

AeroVironment has not commented on the rumors that their equipment may be sent to Ukraine, but the arms manufacturer has explicitly expressed its support for Ukraine in the conflict.

In the statement, the weapons manufacturer said that its company stands for “freedom” and stands with allies and sovereign nations in their rights to protect their lives and homelands when threatened.

“Our full dedication to supporting the response to 9/11 led us to become the world leader in small unmanned aircraft systems,” the statement reads. “Ukraine and our eastern European allies need these solutions now to win against the Russian military and strategically deter future aggression.”

With reports suggesting that Russia is only a matter of days away from running out of ammunition – and that Russian troops are already resorting to using “dumb” bombs with no tracking features, Ukraine could be on the verge of pushing Russian troops out of its territory.