White House Forced To Correct Kamala Harris’ Latest Messed Up Claim

(PresidentialInsider.com)- The White House was forced to clean up a mess created by Vice President Kamala Harris recently, when she wrongly claimed that the Biden administration was preparing to send out millions of free COVID-19 tests to Americans all over the country as early as “next week.”

She made the comments during an NBC interview, saying that the tests had already been ordered as part of the Biden administration’s efforts to start going beyond their vaccine-only strategy that has failed miserably so far.

The comments, however, were wrong. The White House issued a statement confirming that the 500 million at-home COVID tests would be sent out “later this month” – not next week – and that the contracts will be “awarded over the course of the next two weeks.”

So, no, they hadn’t already been orderered…and they’re going to take longer to start shipping out, too.

Here’s another kicker, too – it turns out that people will be allowed to order up to four tests per household on a new government website, and the tests are likely to take between seven and 12 days to arrive. It means that anybody who develops COVID-19 symptoms and orders a test will not only likely to have recovered from the virus by the time the test arrives but would also be unlikely to test positive even if they chose to take the test.

So…what’s the point?

The first contracts between the federal government and private suppliers of PCR tests were announced by the Department of Defense at the beginning of January.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has faced intense pressure from journalists over why the Biden administration waited so long to make the decision to send out free tests, to which she claimed that the data shows only 10% of Americans can’t find a test.

Let’s be honest, here: free tests aren’t going to change much. However, with the Supreme Court ruling on Thursday that the vaccine mandate is unconstitutional, it might be about the only thing that the Biden administration can do to make it look as though they’re being proactive.