White House “Deeply Concerned” After Arrest Of Top Democrat

(PresidentialInsider.com)- President Joe Biden’s White House claims to be “deeply concerned” about the arrest of Democratic state Rep. Park Cannon who harassed Republican Governor Brian Kemp by standing outside of his office and repeatedly knocking and insisting she was let inside.

How would Democrats react if Republican politicians harassed Democrats at their doorstep?

In a statement, the White House criticized the arrest of the state legislator, citing her race as part of their concern over the matter. If race for some reason matters to you, as it seems to matter to Democrats, Rep. Park Cannon is a Black woman.

She was knocking on Governor Kemp’s office to insist she be allowed to witness the signing ceremony of a new voting bill, which she opposed. Cannon was forcibly removed from the building and arrested and is now facing two misdemeanor counts.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had a narrative to spin, however, and said that she thinks “anyone who saw that video would have been deeply concerned.”


Take a look for yourself.

Some commentators claimed that police “manhandled” Cannon, but the video shows Cannon resisting arrest.

A woman harassing an elected governor gets arrested after refusing to stop what she is doing when told to do so by police officers. Is that so hard to imagine?

“The larger concern here, obviously beyond her being treated in the matter she was, is that law that was put into place,” Psaki continued.

Her arrest caused outrage among left-wing activists everywhere and gained support from far-left news commentator Don Lemon.

CNN Tonight described Cannon as protesting an elections bill that would “restrict voting access and give state officials more powers over local elections.”

What CNN doesn’t tell you, however, is that the law does not restrict any single American citizen with the right to vote from having the opportunity to vote.

The new law changes identification requirements for people using mail-in voting and makes it illegal to give food or water to people standing in line to vote – something that is considered “Treating” in countries like the United Kingdom. It’s a fairly simple law that has precedent being used in other democracies and is designed to stop any person offering goods or services in exchange for a vote.

The law would also make it harder for people to commit voter fraud by requiring people to prove their identity before casting a vote.

Why are Democrats opposing the strengthening of America’s elections?