WATCH: Rioters SET FIRE to Thompson Elk Fountain in Portland

( While more people are being tracked down and prosecuted for damaging statues and monuments in the United States thanks to the executive order signed by the president, many far-left extremists across the country are still taking to the streets and destroying historic monuments. On Wednesday, extremist Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters set fire to the Thompson Elk Fountain, a monument that has stood outside the Portland federal courthouse for some 120 years.

On Thursday morning, footage of the incident was shared by Andy Ngo, the editor-at-large at the Post Millennial who is known for his work covering Antifa extremism. The footage is shocking.

Seemingly not content with burning down the famous fountain, the rioters even started tearing town the wooden boards from the windows of the courthouse, damaging the building and then using the wood to fuel the fire and create barricades.

What is with Antifa and their love for walls? They call Trump a racist for the southern U.S.-Mexico border wall, but the moment they riot they create their own. It happened in the Capitol Hill “Autonomous” Zone in Seattle, too.

Rioters were also seen throwing projectiles at the police, as officers used pepper balls and flash-bangs to try and keep control of the riots.

Portland Police reported that 29 people were arrested following the incident, and a total of six officers were assaulted while the rioting and burning took place.

Police Chief Chuck Lovell told the press that law enforcement facilities and personnel have been “targeted with violence, including the barricading and burning of an occupied police facility on more than one occasion.”

“Last night, another march occurred, this time in a residential neighborhood where many families were at home and some were likely sleeping,” he added. “Some have said we are only protecting an empty building and the force used was excessive. My response to that is we would have seen one building lit on fire in a neighborhood where a commercial building fore could have led to residences being burned with families inside.”

Peaceful protests, huh?

In a Twitter post, the police department shared a photograph of a can and a rock that were used as projectiles to hurt police officers.