Washington Post is condemned over story hailing Taliban’s ‘sophisticated’ use of social media while saying the terror group incites less violence than Donald Trump did

(PresidentialInsider.com)- The Washington Post received some pretty substantial criticism recently after praising the. Taliban’s “sophisticated” use of social media, and even suggesting that the terror group – which has been abducting girls under the age of 12 in Afghanistan as sex slaves – incites less violence than former President Donald Trump did.

It is completely inaccurate, and perhaps one of the worst examples of media bias in history, and it seems to have gone too far for even some Democrats.

In a piece published on Wednesday, journalists Christiano Lima and Craig Timberg wrote a piece that appeared to laud the Taliban’s invasion of Afghanistan, and the terror group’s ability to utilize social media. Their online posts were described by the far-left journalists as “strikingly sophisticated.”

Isn’t it incredible that America’s Big Tech companies consider the Taliban worthy of having social media accounts, but former President Donald Trump is too dangerous?

The piece was titled “Today’s Talian uses sophisticated social media practices that rarely violate the rules,” in what appeared to be an almost defense of the Jihadist movement. What they didn’t seem to acknowledge, however, is the fact that Twitter’s rules aren’t limited just to what people say and do online, but how people behave offline, too.

It was the false claims that former President Donald Trump had “incited” the January 6 protests, which were deemed an “insurrection” by the Democrats, that got him booted off Twitter.

So if telling protesters to march peacefully is enough to get booted off of Twitter, why is the Taliban still allowed on the platform when Taliban fighters regularly rape women and children, and murder innocent people all the time?

The Daily Mail listed off some of the most shocked Twitter users who couldn’t believe what the Washington Post was publishing.

“Not that I care to see Trump tweet anything – but this defense of allowing the freaking Taliban post by the #WashingtonPost is nuts,” one user said.

Even the anti-Trump brigade sees it.