Vladimir Putin Sets Devastating Trap That Could End In War

(PresidentialInsider.com)- According to an anonymous representative of the people’s militia of the Donetsk Peoples Republic, a self-proclaimed state located in the eastern region of Ukraine, the Ukrainian government is actively bringing weapons to the border with Russia to “form strike groups.”

The militia has been embroiled in a conflict over territory in the Donbass region for the last eight years, and told RIA Novosti that Ukraine is preparing to strike Russia in anticipation of a Russian invasion.

The representative explained how “multiple launch rocket systems, armored formation and equipment for destroying minefields” had been brought into the area.

It’s precisely what Russian President Vladimir Putin has been hoping for, with global intelligence officials arguing that Putin will wait for Ukraine to respond to rumors of a Russian invasion before using that response as an excuse to invade.

The news was confirmed by Andriy Marochko, a representative of another militia – this time representing the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republican – said that Kyiv was putting launch rocket systems on the border in Donbass.

It comes as Moscow and Washington officials continue discussions to deescalate tensions on the Ukrainian border. So far, those discussions have not resulted in any new agreements and President Vladimir Putin continues to insist on NATO forces providing “reassurances” that any military conflict will not be met with sanctions or military intervention.

In December, the Russian president also accused Ukraine of committing a “genocide” against Russians in Donbass. It appears likely at this point that this will be used by Moscow as a pretext for deploying many of the 100,000+ Russian troops currently stationed on the border.

If Russia invades Ukraine, they won’t describe it as a Ukraine, and it will likely be positioned as an attempt to protect the Russian-speaking population of the country.

The question is…will President Joe Biden step in? And should he?