Vladimir Putin Reportedly Had A Health “Scare” According To A Source

(PresidentialInsider.com)- A Telegram community that monitors Putin’s health reports he had a late-night health crisis. General SVR said that the 69-year-old suffered from ‘severe sickness’ overnight Friday into Saturday.

Putin has recovered but may utilize ‘deep fake’ technology to make TV appearances this week. This report follows on the heels of Ukraine’s spy head, indicating a decoy in Iran replaced Putin. Kyrylo Budanov, chief of Ukraine’s military intelligence service, raised doubts after watching a video of Putin in Tehran.

“Watch Putin’s jet leave. Is that Putin?’ he said.

General SVR has stated that Putin is discreetly being treated for cancer and that Patrushev stands in for him during surgery.

If the channel’s accusations are true, Putin won’t be the first Russian leader to utilize a decoy. Two of Stalin’s body doubles have come out to talk about the experience.
One man, known only as ‘Rashid,’ said the KGB engaged him to fill in for Stalin during public appearances where he feared being killed or to give the people the impression he was healthy while he was ill.

Felix Dadaev said he was another double in 2008, alleging Putin’s leadership let him convey his story via state media.

Leonid Brezhnev utilized doubles, too.

Putin confessed he contemplated using decoys during the Chechen War but said he rejected the notion.

General SVR, which purports to be led by a former FIS officer, announced today that Putin needed urgent medical treatment on July 22-23.

The president’s doctors were called around 1 am. Putin felt sick. Twenty minutes later, the president’s doctors brought in a second team.

After Putin’s health improved, physicians stayed with him for three hours.
It said he’ll be replaced by a double in several events this week.

Deepfake technology might be used to fake Putin meetings.

Political scientist Valery Solovey, who has long believed the Russian leader is ill, stated that the Americans, the CIA in particular, know the president’s actual health. They know he has mental issues.

He said medical denials ‘reinforce suspicions of a problem.’ What do we see when Putin appears? He asked.

“A limping, dark-spotted guy who interrupts meetings for ‘consultations,’” Solovey answered.

Solovey has stated that Putin had cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and schizoaffective disorder.