Vladimir Putin Calls Meeting With Biden

(PresidentialInsider.com)- A statement from the White House revealed that President Joe Biden spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, following a diplomatic crisis between our two countries because of President Biden’s thoughtless comments.

Last month, President Biden slammed Putin as a “killer,” prompting Putin to respond by simply saying, “it takes one to know one.”

President Putin then challenged Biden to a live debate – not exactly one of Bidens’ strengths – which ultimately never happened.

It then prompted Russia to recall its ambassador to the United States, ramping up tensions between the United States and Russia in classic Democrat-style.

But now, following the statement, we know that President Biden might finally become more diplomatic, as plans to engage in “strategic stability dialogue” were revealed.

“President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. spoke today with President Vladimir Putin of Russia. They discussed a number of regional and global issues, including the intent of the United States and Russia to pursue a strategic stability dialogue on a range of arms control and emerging security issues, building on the extension of the New START Treaty,” a White House statement reads.

President Biden also reportedly “made clear that the United States will act firmly in defense of its national interests in response to Russia’s actions, such as cyber intrusions and election interference” – cementing the president’s commitment to pursuing phony allegations and conspiracy theories like the Trump-Russia election interference scam.

President Biden also, according to the readout, “emphasized the United States’ unwavering commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity” – a reference to Russia’s increasingly militaristic attitude towards its neighbor.

The number of Russian soldiers on the eastern border of Ukraine has reached 41,000, and there are also some 42,000 Russian troops currently stationed in Crimea.

In the run-up to the upcoming Russian parliamentary elections, President Vladimir Putin has ramped up anti-Ukrainian rhetoric in what many have speculated is an attempt to win favor for his party’s parliamentary candidates.

We’ll have to wait and see how these talks pan out, but so far, the relationship between President Vladimir Putin and so-called President Joe Biden hasn’t been great.