Video of All the Times Joe Biden Used a Made-Up Word

( Joe Biden is a very vain man. It’s one of the reasons he likes to tell fanciful stories of his so-called acts of derring-do. It’s also why Joe likes to toss out big words that make him appear smarter than he is.

But sometimes the big words Joe uses to make himself look smart aren’t words at all.

Like this:

Or this:

Okay, admittedly, “Trunalimunumaprzure” and “badakathcare” are better examples of incomprehensible gibberish than examples of Joe trying to look smart.

When Joe tries to come off as intelligent, the big word he repeats a lot is “Expodentially.”

“Expodentially” is defined as … okay, it doesn’t have a definition because the word doesn’t exist in the English language.

This week, the RNC put together a super-cut video of all the times Joe Biden has used his “smart-sounding,” non-existent word:

Yeah. That’s 45 examples of Joe saying “expodentially” in just 44 seconds.

More than likely Joe is confusing “expodentially” for the word “exponentially.”

Exponentially is a real word in the English language. It is an adverb defined as “in a way that becomes quicker and quicker as something increases or becomes larger.”

For example: “Since we’ve expanded our market area, our company has grown exponentially.”

Or you could say Joe Biden’s use of “expodentially” has increased exponentially.