VIDEO: Left-Wing Activists Threaten And Attack Jews, Make Anti-Semitic Slurs

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( Left-wing Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists threatened, harassed, taunted, and even assaulted Jewish citizens on Tuesday night in Philadelphia. It came as left-wing activists continued their violent riots in the city following the police shooting of a black man who was wielding a knife.

The fatal shooting was described as a “racist” incident, despite police officers warning the man, Walter Wallace Jr, to drop the knife. He didn’t comply.

During the far-left riots, Jewish Americans who appeared to be supporting the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement were targeted by other activists. Video shows the Jewish attendees asking what they are doing at the protest.

“What y’all doing down here? Y’all live here? You don’t live here!” one protestor can be heard saying.

Another shouts, “Y’all gotta go! Y’all know that we the real Jews, right?”

That same protester also repeatedly refers to the Jewish men as “Amalek,” in reference to the Amalekites who are enemies of the Jewish people according to the Jewish faith.

When the Jewish men were told that this isn’t their fight, they politely respond, “We’re just showing solidarity.”

Protesters then begin shouting, “Get the f*ck out of here!” before shoving one of the Jewish protesters.

“Get your white *ss home,” they shout.

So not only is Black Lives Matter protesting against the shooting of a man who was wielding a knife and charging at police officers, their protesters are anti-Semites too. Classy!

If you haven’t seen the footage of Walter Wallace Jr. attacking police officers, you can find it below. It’s pretty clear why officers were compelled to shoot.

Black Lives Matter activists claim that the shooting was wrong as the footage shows the man 10 feet away from the officers, seemingly ignoring the fact that he was moving towards them.

After Wallace was shot, officers quickly put him in the car and took him to the hospital.