Video Footage Catches Woman Committing Election Fraud

( A new sentence hearing has been scheduled for San Luis ballot Mule, Gadsden Elementary School District Board Member, and former San Luis mayor Guillermina Fuentes by Yuma County Superior Court.

During the 2020 Arizona Primary Election, Fuentes participated in a sophisticated vote trafficking network, for which she entered a guilty plea this month. Residents of San Luis who used covert cameras to record her in August 2020 discovered that she had been trafficking votes and faking signatures.

Gary Snyder, a candidate for the Arizona State Senate, and David Lara, a resident of San Luis, discovered voting fraud in their neighborhood and apprehended the offenders.
Their activities were highlighted in Dinesh D’Souza and True the Vote’s “2000 Mules” documentary, which led to two arrests for illicit ballot trafficking.

The Arizona Attorney General, RINO Mark Brnovich, had this evidence months before the general election, yet he didn’t bring the charges until December. Brnovich let them rig the general election.

After confessing to authorities that Guillermina Fuentes had given her ballots with the direction to place them in a dropbox, Alma Juarez entered a guilty plea to one count of ballot misuse in March. Fuentes first entered a not guilty plea; however, with the publication of “2000 Mules,” which included San Luis whistleblower evidence, Fuentes altered her plea to guilty.

After more than a year of delay, Fuentes finally entered a plea to one felony count of ballot abuse, and three further felony counts were dropped. Fuentes accepted the plea deal without being charged with forgery or conspiracy.

Fuentes was given a light sentence because the prosecution could not establish conspiracy and forgery. Despite possessing footage of Fuentes falsifying signatures and sealing packages for trafficking, the prosecution chose not to exhibit it for whatever reason.

The Attorney General altered the video he received and removed the section where Fuentes falsified voter signatures. At Jovan Hutton Pulitzer’s Kinematic Artifact Detection analysis presentation in Arizona, Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake and others have made the whole, undeleted tape public.

Before the 2020 general election, the prosecutors knew about this video but did nothing.
Fuentes’ sentencing hearing has now been postponed from its original June 30th date. The rescheduled hearing will take place on July 7 at 1:30.

It’s unclear whether civilians’ publication of the unedited film has any direct bearing on the move to proceed.