Vast Majority Of Blacks Say Voter ID Laws Do Not Discriminate

( The Democrats just suffered a crushing blow to their fake narrative that voter ID laws are racist, with a new poll showing that a majority of Black Americans don’t believe their claims.

According to a Rasmussen Reports survey released on Tuesday, a majority of likely American voters – including a majority of likely Black voters – don’t believe that implementing new voter ID laws are discriminatory.

It comes after the state of Georgia was widely condemned for implementing new legislation that required mail-in voters to provide proof of ID, and high-profile Democrats slammed Republican efforts to strengthen voter integrity laws.

Opposition to Georgia’s new law has seen Will Smith refusing to film his newest movie in the state because of the “racist voting law.”

President Joe Biden has also faced criticism, including from former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, for calling on Americans and American businesses to boycott Georgia…while promoting investments in Iran.

Between April 11 and 12, Rasmussen asked 1,000 likely U.S. voters whether they believe “laws requiring photo identification at the polls discriminate against some voters.”

A majority, 62 percent, said that they do not. Only 29 percent of Americans said that they do.

The most damning part of the data for the Democrats, however, was that 59% of Black voters don’t agree that these laws are discriminatory.

The survey also revealed just how deep the fake Democrat narrative goes, with opinions on the voting laws being pretty clearly divided down party lines. 79% of Republicans said that voter ID laws aren’t racist, but 46% of Democrats – a plurality – said that they were.

However, it also revealed that a majority of Democrats aren’t totally convinced that strengthening the integrity of national elections is a bad idea. 43% of Democrats said voter ID laws are not discriminatory, despite high-profile Democrats spending months slamming proposals by the Democrats to ensure that people cannot easily commit voter fraud during mail-in voting.

Despite the results of the poll, Democrats are still preparing to push the “For the People Act” through Congress that would make it more difficult for states to ask voters to prove their ID before casting their vote. The H.R.1. Bill would also push states to implement same-day registration and mass mail-in voting – the messy system used in the 2020 presidential election that made fraud and misconduct more widespread.