Vaccinated People Are Still Wearing Masks, New Poll Finds

( A new poll just revealed that a majority of those who are considered “fully vaccinated,” whether that’s two shots or three, are still wearing their masks most of the time when out of their homes.

The findings come from a Yahoo! News and YouGov survey released last week. It comes as the federal government and the nation’s health officials continue to call on people to get the vaccine and wear their masks when in crowded spaces, and as people are being fired from their jobs for refusing to take the vaccine.

Some 56% of fully vaccinated people say that they wear their masks all the time or most of the time, and unsurprisingly, it also found that Democrats are much more likely to wear their masks when outside their homes. 78% of Democrats said that they wear their masks as soon as they leave their home, compared to 55% of independents, and just 35% of Republicans.

It shows that, no matter what the Democrats say, they truly have made the pandemic political. Otherwise, why would Democrats be several times more likely to wear masks in public despite being fully vaccinated?

The survey also revealed that fully vaccinated Americans are more likely to wear their masks in public than those who are not vaccinated. Some 65% of vaccinated Americans say that they wear a mask when out of their home, while just 43% of unvaccinated Americans said the same thing.

Some 57% of unvaccinated people said that they never wear a mask, or only do so “some of the time.”

It means that people who aren’t taking the vaccine aren’t just concerned about the potential side effects of taking the shot, but are much less likely to be afraid of the COVID-19 virus in the first place.

When will the federal government accept that those who don’t want the vaccine, and don’t want to wear masks, just never will?