Undercover Video Shows Antifa WARLORD Running Seattle Occupation

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- By now, you’ve probably heard plenty about the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle. It’s a six-block section of the city that has been occupied by armed Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists, and which hasn’t been broken up by local Democrat-controlled authorities.

On Monday morning, One America News anchor Jack Posobiec went undercover in the “CHAZ,” streaming live on Periscope for more than 20 minutes. During the broadcast, Posobiec introduced viewers to rapper Raz Simone, the unofficial leader of the CHAZ and a “tin-pot warlord.”

Posobiec walked into the CHAZ with a colleague, taking the time to update readers on what they had seen over the last three days. They explained how the “day crew” were the people that the media generally shows to the world, but at night, the “night crew” were vastly different and the atmosphere of the zone changes dramatically after the sun goes down.

Posobiec explained how a member of Raz Simone’s crew recently assaulted a journalist who entered the zone and said that there’s “no rule of law whatsoever.”

“Also, they tried to set fire to a local auto yard earlier,” he said, explaining how people from the zone had illegally entered the facility.

Posobiec managed to spend the entire night with Raz Simone and his crew and promised he would offer more reporting on the topic and introduce viewers to more aspects of the tin-pot Antifa warlord’s reign over his CHAZ crew.

He also introduced viewers to how the CHAZ handles justice and law enforcement…and it isn’t pretty. Unlike the sophisticated justice system built over centuries in the United States, CHAZ has descended into chaos and mob rule. Footage showed gangs, controlled by Raz Simone, chasing an accused thief.

In the footage, Posobiec can be heard describing how policing in the zone was being controlled by Raz and members of Antifa, “both of whom are armed.”

“So the media’s completely lying to you when they say there’s no armed security,” he said. “The media narrative on this place has been an absolute lie, absolute, utter lie. This place needs to be shut down.”

Interesting how Antifa suddenly likes guns and walls, huh?