UK Police FINALLY Arrest Women Believed to Have Vandalized Cenotaph Memorial

( The Cenotaph war memorial in London is historic. It is a large war memorial located in Whitehall in the City of Westminster and has been in place since the end of the First World War. Every year, it is the location where the official Remembrance Sunday services are held, and it is often visited by Prime Ministers, politicians, and even Her Majesty the Queen.

So it was a national scandal when gangs of left-wing activists descended on the famous monument during recent “Black Lives Matter” protests. The Metropolitan Police, who operate the policing in London, has reportedly arrested a woman for allegedly attempting to set fire to the national flags that are permanently displayed at the monument.

The woman was questioned by Metropolitan Police officers after allegedly taking a lighter to the flags during the June 7 protest. The 20-year-old woman was then released after questioning but remains on bail and is expected to appear before a court at the end of July.

On top of the arrest, the Metropolitan Police also released images of 25 other suspects who were involved with vandalism and violence at the Black Lives Matter protests in London. The police put out a public call for help identifying the people involved, in response to a huge public backlash about just how much destruction protesters were allowed to get away with in the English capital city.

In an official statement, Met Commander Bas Javid said they are “running a large investigation to identify those who committed serious offences across all the demonstrations over the last month.”

“Across these protests, almost 230 arrests have been made to date, with 128 of these relating to the most recent protests on 13 June,” Javid also said. “We are now asking for the public’s help in identifying people, who we need to talk to about the violence seen at the protests.”

After initially releasing 35 images, the Met released a further 13 images.

Looks like BLM vandals might be getting what’s coming to them.