UFC Crowd Gives Ron DeSantis a Rock Star Welcome

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Saturday night, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis received a rock star’s welcome when arrived at UFC 273 in Jacksonville.

DeSantis was met with raucous cheers and high-fives as he made his way cage-side where he watched the event with UFC President Dana White.

The Jumbotron captured the smiling DeSantis offering two thumbs up as the boisterous crowd cheered.

After videos and pictures showed up on Twitter, many Twitter users noted that the crowd was greeting DeSantis very much like a presidential candidate, leading some to suggest “he’s running.”

No matter how hard the media tries to portray DeSantis as an unpopular monster, he remains solidly popular among voters. And the no-holds-barred attacks over the Parental Rights in Education law from the far-Left, the media, and Disney haven’t diminished support for the law among the American people.

One Twitter user even pointed out the irony that DeSantis’ rock-star welcome Saturday night was airing live on the Disney-owned ESPN.

It was recently reported that Governor DeSantis has raised $100 million for his reelection campaign, a strong signal to the GOP that the popular Republican is more than capable of bringing in significant support should he decide to run for President.

While the governor has long dismissed the talk of a possible 2024 presidential run, saying his focus remains on winning reelection this fall, a large segment of the Republican base is eager to see DeSantis jump into the 2024 election.