U.S. Fires “Iron Dome Missile Interceptor” Amid Fears Of WW3

(PresidentialInsider.com)- The United States military successfully fired its first-ever Iron Dome missile interceptor on Monday, following the footsteps of Israel and its hugely successful missile defense system. It comes as increased global tensions raise fears of military conflict with nations like Russia and China.

Troops completed the initial test of the missile defense system that is designed to track, trace, and stop rockets as they are being fired at the United States.

The first test was held in White Sands, New Mexico, and saw U.S. troops intercepting targets in the air – proving that the advanced military protection system really works. Teams worked alongside troops from the Israeli Defense Ministry to ensure that the system was replicated successfully.

The Israeli Defense Ministry said that the Iron Dome system will “protect deployed American forces from a variety of aerial threats,” and that it can be utilized not only in the United States but in regions all over the world where American troops are deployed. It will become an effective and mobile defense system for American troops.

The ministry added that the system will protect troops from unmanned aerial vehicles, cruise missiles, rockets, and even shrapnel.

This is a game-changer…and way too late to the game!

Photographs of the test taking place were shared by the Ministry of Defense. The official MoD account said that they had successfully completed a live-fire test of the first US Army Iron Dome Defense System, known as the IDDS-A, which was acquired from Israel.

The account added that the developers of the Iron Dome system – Rafael, IAI Elta, and mPrest – all supported the test deployment.

Everyone hopes that such a system will never be needed, but if it is, it could save an untold number of lives.