U.S. Announces New Series Of Punishment Sanctions For Russia

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Fresh off a series of emergency summits in Brussels, President Joe Biden boasts of unity in the Western world, working together as allies to work behind the scenes and formulate strategies for the next stage of the war in Ukraine.

Biden said one form of punishment against Russia was to eject Russia from the upcoming Group of 20 summits, which are scheduled to convene in November. Other members of that congregation, however, would have to sign on.

Biden issued a vague warning that the United States would swiftly act upon any use of chemical weapons on the battlefield by Russia. These weapons are rumored to be Putin’s next strategy as he is reportedly losing gained territory to Ukraine resistance.

But Biden also maintained that US military intervention in Ukraine would result in calamity. Instead, calling for more sanctions that have not deterred Russian President Vladimir Putin from escalating in Ukraine.

“Putin was banking on NATO being split,” Biden said in a Thursday afternoon presser and reassured that NATO has never been more united than it is today. Biden happily observed that the exact opposite of what Putin wanted to have happened has happened.

Other G7 leaders said on Thursday that they vowed to “further strengthen” cooperation. They called on Russia to immediately suspend military operations in Ukraine.

On Tuesday, Jake Sullivan, the white house national security advisor, said that President Biden and our allies would divulge new sanctions on Russia when the president travels to Brussels later in the week.

“Biden will join our partners in imposing further sanctions on Russia and tightening the existing sanctions to crack down on evasion and to ensure robust enforcement,” Sullivan told reporters during a press briefing.

Sullivan’s announcement hinted that the new measures would only involve simply enforcing current sanctions by cracking down on evasion or any attempt by any country to help Russia undermine, weaken, or get around the sanctions.

Cooperating nations continued to gather evidence of potential war crimes committed by Putin in Ukraine. They vowed to continue imposing “severe consequences,” conspicuously absent the details of any new sanctions or strategies.

In addition to warning Russia about any use of biological or chemical weapons, concerns were raised regarding the security of Ukraine’s nuclear sites. Russia’s military activity poses more risks for the population and environment should any nuclear site be breached or destroyed.

In response to these concerns, G7 leaders announced a ban on the Russian Central Bank’s use of gold in transactions.

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