U.S. Air Force Gives “Safe Space” To Pilots

(PresidentialInsider.com)- The United States Air Force has announced the launch of a new initiative dubbed “Airmen’s Time.” The new Air Force initiative intends to provide a “safe place” where service personnel may discuss their thoughts with their superiors, among other things.
According to a document received by the Washington Free Beacon, the objective of Airmen’s Time is to establish a safe place, be present, and guarantee that our Air Force culture welcomes healthy dialogue for every Airman…anytime, anywhere.
Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Joanne S. Bass and General USAF Chief of Staff Charles Q. Brown, Jr. released a memo stating that building trust and belonging is never a one-time event — it is a continuous commitment to those we serve.
To deepen this culture transformation, leaders at all levels are entrusted to prioritize time to elevate connection and growth and enhance the well-being of individual Airmen while fostering unity among teams.
James Carafano, a U.S. Army veteran who now runs national security and defense policy programs at the Heritage Foundation, said that he’s never seen any analysis from the Pentagon that demonstrably proves the training has a value that improves the readiness and capabilities of the armed forces.
Carafano went on to say that the Biden administration is spending millions of dollars on things that someone just thinks are a good idea. At the same time, we’re diverting military personnel from their usual tasks.
Carafano concluded that this looks to be a plan that sacrifices preparedness for no discernible advantage and may even harm morale, unit cohesiveness, and individual performance.
In addition to the “safe space” initiative, similar measures have been deployed by the Air Force in the past. Leftist military chiefs, including General Mark Milley, chastised Tucker Carlson last year for wondering why the Air Force was spending money on “maternity flying suits” for pregnant female pilots.