U.K. To Rip Out CCP Linked 5G Network

(PresidentialInsider.com)- The United Kingdom is taking the brave step of removing all technology from its 5G communications systems that were manufactured or provided by Huawei, the Chinese Communist Party-controlled telecommunications and technology company.

Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government have launched a seven-year plan to remove all Huawei products from its communications network which is expected to cost the equivalent of $700 million. The project began this month in the city of Hull, with British Telecom (BT) – the biggest and one of the oldest networks in the country – replacing the technology with components sourced from Nokia Oyj.

It’s a decision that wasn’t certain to happen last year amidst the distraction of the Brexit negotiations, but as a newly independent country, the United Kingdom is moving ahead and ensuring that the Chinese Communist Party cannot control or monitor any of its critical networks and communication channels.

It’s exactly the kind of investment put in place by the Trump administration in a series of executive orders that were immediately revoked when President Joe Biden entered the White House.

BT Chief Technology Officer Howard Warson said that the company was eager to pick one city and finish the project there before moving on to another city. Warson said that, that way, they could check that they were not causing problems for customers.

He added that the “signs are really good for that so far” and that the process performed in Hull will now need to be repeated some 12,000 times on the telecom giant’s 18,000 mobile masts and rooftops.

The decision may not have been made if it wasn’t for the close relationship between President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The former president made it very clear that a trade deal between the United States and the United Kingdom may have been hindered had the British not taken steps to reduce the potential security threats posed by China.

Huawei is effectively controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and has made a name for itself over the last year for providing cheap mobile communications devices in the consumer market and critical technology and infrastructure products for major Western economies.