Twitter Just “Blacklisted” ad

( Twitter blacklisted the creators of the free speech-friendly social network after they ran an advertisement there. The advertisement was deemed “inappropriate,” according to Bill Ottman, CEO of Minds. He said that this is what they expect from Twitter, so it’s nothing new. It’s just a really humorous and over-the-top case.

The Minds Festival of Ideas, an annual political conference with speakers from all political persuasions, is the subject of the advertisement. This Saturday, the event will take place at the Beacon Theater in New York City.

According to Minds CEO Bill Ottman, their advertisement on Twitter, a business that directly competes with the free speech platform, was denied right away.

Ottman said the rejection email arrived as soon as he hit the promotion submit button, which gives it the impression that a human didn’t examine it.

It was immediately declared “inappropriate” by a limitation on the account or perhaps an AI/ML trigger. Nothing in the post even comes close to being improper. It’s nothing new, just a really outrageous and humorous situation.

“Minds Festival is proving that people with opposite viewpoints still want to have fruitful dialogues and have a wonderful time together,” read the tweet that Minds tried to promote.

The speaking event intends to promote conversation between individuals with different ideologies.

Former Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, undercover journalism pioneer James O’Keefe, academic Dr. Cornell West, musician and podcaster ZUBY, author and pundit Maajid Nawaz, journalist and podcast host Tim Pool, academic Coleman Hughes, anti-racism activist Daryl Davis, leftist streamer Steven Bonnell, journalist Libby Emmons, YouTuber Blaire White, and former Reason editor-in-chief Nichole Smith are among the political and intellectual luminaries.

Tulsi Gabbard wrote on Facebook-

Unfortunately, it looks like Twitter tyrants cannot stomach the idea of an event which will “foster dialogue between people of different ideological perspectives.” They don’t want anything that will interfere with their business model of creating more conflict and hate between people.