TV Host Has Cancer, Will Spend His Time Wisely

Jonnie Irwin, a TV host, and writer for A Place in the Sun, disclosed he is battling terminal cancer that has spread to his brain. The host of “Escape to the Country” revealed that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer for the first time.

Popular TV Host Grapples With Terminal Cancer And Seizes His Few Remaining Days | The Daily Caller

During a recent interview with Hello Magazine, Irwin revealed that he initially chose to keep his battle private but has since decided to inform his fans about the severity of his struggle.

According to the report, Irwin stated that he wanted to make memories with his family because the reality is that his boys will grow up without knowing their father, which breaks his heart.

Irwin described the pain he felt at the thought of abandoning his family. He and his wife have a three-year-old son named Rex and two-year-old twins named Rafa and Cormac. Irwin stated that he didn’t know how long he had left but would try to remain optimistic.

Irwin disclosed that he experienced his first health-related warning sign while filming “A Place in the Sun” in Italy in August 2020. He reported that his vision suddenly blurred while driving, prompting him to investigate further.

Within a week of returning from filming, he was given six months to live. Irwin told Hello Magazine that he went home and informed his wife that she would eventually be on her own, which was devastating.

He said he could do nothing but apologize to her. According to reports, cancer drugs and chemotherapy have helped to extend Irwin’s life. He has continued to work despite his illness, hoping his story will inspire others.

Eventually, this will catch up with him, but he said he is doing everything possible to delay that day as long as possible. Irwin remarked that some people in his position have bucket lists, but he wants to do as much as possible with his family.