Tucker Carlson Shows Unearthed Fox Footage Showing Secret Flights

(PresidentialInsider.com)- During his show on Wednesday evening, Fox News host Tucker Carlson provided exclusive bodycam footage showing New York police expressing frustration over the Biden administration’s secret flights transporting illegal aliens from the southern border to New York’s Westchester County.

Tucker also played footage of a federal contractor being asked why these flights are being carried out in secret. The contractor is heard saying, “You know why. Look who’s in charge,” adding that the federal government “is betraying the American people.”

The bodycam footage from police in Westchester County showed approximately one hundred illegal aliens, mostly teenagers, getting off a charter flight in the middle of the night. The illegals are then loaded onto buses.

In the footage, someone explains that the Department of Homeland Security wants this on the down-low.

Tucker explained that the reason these flights are being conducted in secret is because the government is breaking federal law.

Tucker played footage of a government contractor who explained that the flights are sent to smaller airports to keep them hidden from the public.

Carlson argued that the Biden administration is attempting to change the population secretly, then attacking those who notice and calling them bigots.

Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino obtained the bodycam footage through a Freedom of Information Act Request. He told Tucker Carlson that after the government denied they were doing it, he saw it “with my own eyes.” The illegal aliens were transported by bus to a Costco where they were transferred to individual cars and into the community.

Astorino, who is running for the Republican nomination for New York Governor, said the claim that these are just unaccompanied minors is a lie.

Watch the segment from Tucker’s show: