Tucker Carlson Reveals What To Expect In 2024

(PresidentialInsider.com)- If you thought it was strange that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton hasn’t disappeared after her humiliating 2016 defeat, then perhaps there’s a reason for it. Perhaps Hillary Clinton is planning her political comeback.

It’s a theory that popular Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson thinks is likely, and he said as much last week during an episode of his show. He noted how President Joe Biden is now the “most unpopular president that the United States has had in a very long time” and that voters dislike Vice President Kamala Harris even more.

It’s a problem for the Democrats because this is supposed to be their honeymoon period, he said. Given that Democrats have control of not just the White House but also both chambers of Congress, one would think that the party was in the perfect position to enact policies that the American people like – but so far, all Americans have seen is rising prices and a seriously undermined southern border.

Carlson said that this is as “beloved as the Biden administration is going to get” and that smart Democrats can “read the numbers” and are already working on a solution…and that solution is Hillary Clinton.

“This week, two of them wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal calling on the party to support Hillary Clinton for president in 2024. Hillary is the best-positioned candidate to win a national election, they argued,” he said.

Well, that’s…not a good sign.

The columns argued that Hillary Clinton is younger than Joe Biden – though she would still be 77 years old by the time of the 2024 campaign, so it doesn’t mean much – and also noted that former President Bill Clinton recently told People Magazine that his wife is the “most qualified person to run for office in my lifetime, including me.”

Is Clinton preparing a comeback? Tucker Carlson thinks so, and you can see his full segment on it here.

If this pans out the way Carlson thinks it will, it could make for an extremely interesting 2024. Should former President Donald Trump maintain control of the Republican party and secure the nomination, we could be on for a 2016 rematch…

Let’s just hope the next election isn’t plagued by misconduct and fraud – because we could actually see a Hillary Clinton presidency this time.