Tucker Carlson Mocks Nancy Pelosi’s Appearance, Calls Her Michael Jackson: ‘He’s Had a Lot of Work Done Since We Saw Him Last’

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Tucker Carlson, the most-watched man in television news, recently launched into a scathing attack on far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi…and this time, it wasn’t her politics he was mocking.

It was her eyebrows.

Before you go thinking this is just a mean and pointless insult, you need to see what he was talking about to understand why he felt the need to bring it up. Take a look at this clip:

Aside from the fact that Pelosi was trying to claim that Republicans were committing a “legislative” version of January 6 by refusing to support their extreme anti-voting-rights bill – which would make it easier for illegal aliens to cast votes in federal elections – just look at the eyebrows.

It’s hard to tell whether they’re drawn on, or whether she’s had a massive dose of botox. It could be either.

In Tucker’s recent Fox News segment, he joked that Michael Jackson had returned from the grave to appear on Face the Nation.

“So yesterday was Sunday, and you may have found yourself on the couch idly flipping around the TV dial. And if you flipped far enough, you could’ve had the shock of your life. Michael Jackson was on Face the Nation,” he joked.

He went on to say that he was joking, of course, but said that Pelosi had become a “living version of the international popstar.”

See the segment for yourself:

If Nancy Pelosi wants to be taken seriously, why does she appear on camera looking like this?