Tucker Carlson Has Bad News For Democrats

(PresidentialInsider.com)- On Monday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, host Tucker Carlson opened the show with a scathing assessment of President Biden’s COVID policies and concluded that Biden has failed by every measure.

Pointing out Monday’s PBS/Marist poll which showed Biden’s support cratering among Hispanics and Independents, Tucker said it is impossible to overstate the level of panic Democrats must be feeling about Biden’s polling.

Tucker said the Democrats are no longer a national political party. Instead, they’ve become the party of “neurotic, personally unsatisfied white ladies who live in the suburbs.”

The problem, Tucker explains, is that the Democrat Party is still the party in power. And regimes that are dying “get increasingly desperate and ruthless.” And that desperation and ruthlessness are manifesting in Biden’s COVID policies.

Tucker outlines the administration’s over-the-top reaction to the milder Omicron variant, and how, with the media’s help, they are portraying this milder virus as far more serious than it is.

He argues that the Democrats and the media are looking for a villain to blame for the current outbreak. And rather than blame China or Pfizer’s vaccine, they’ve chosen to scapegoat the unvaccinated.

At one point, Tucker played a clip of President Biden’s press conference last week when he singled out the unvaccinated and claimed that they will experience “a winter of severe illness and death” which will have them clogging up hospitals.

In response to the clip, Tucker points out that never in American history has a president spoken in such a dishonest, cruel, or divisive way. Everything Biden said in that clip, Tucker added, was a lie. The unvaccinated are no more of a threat to the vaccinated than the vaccinated are to them.

Tucker really hammers Biden for singling out one segment of the population and trying to turn them into villains. This is not something that a president should do in a functioning, healthy Republic.

But Joe Biden does it, Tucker explains, because “Biden’s COVID policies are a miserable failure.”

Watch Tucker’s monologue HERE.