Tucker Carlson Calls Out Biden’s Partisan Gaming of Deadly Tragedy

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Following a speech he gave just hours after the shooting at Robbs Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, conservative host Tucker Carlson ripped into Joe Biden, accusing him of “desecrating the memory” of those who had only recently been killed by using the incident to amplify “tired talking points of the Democratic Party.”

An enraged Biden stated that the shooting might have been avoided if his push for a ban on “assault weapons” had been heeded.

Biden said he’d had enough of it. We must take action. Don’t tell him we can’t make a difference. He added that America must “stand up to the gun lobby and pass common-sense gun legislation.”

Carlson called Biden’s performance “frail, confusing, brutally politicized, desecrating the bodies of freshly killed youngsters with stale Democratic Party talking points.”

He said that rather than unifying the country in a time of tremendous suffering, his voice rises, enhanced only when he repeats the talking points he repeated for just 35 years in the United States Senate. The only thing that keeps him going is partisan politics. He said that Biden is unfit to run this country.

Carlson said that it would have been quite a moment if he stopped midsentence and said we’re going to pray for these families and let everything marinate for a minute. Let’s stand respectfully before a tragedy. Biden could say those words with some authority. But he chose to launch into a DNC diatribe written on a cue card.

Of course, Biden is only the tip of the iceberg; within minutes of the tragic tragedy, a slew of anti-Second Amendment characters rushed into action to play politics.

Michael Moore demanded that the Second Amendment be repealed immediately.

CNN brought in Homeland Security officer Juliette Kayyem. She spoke of the “destroyed” “small remains” of the 18 kids murdered in the incident so far while asking for a halt to immigration enforcement in the region.

Anti-gun activist Fred Guttenberg, was trotted out to call the Republicans “evil.”