Tucker Carlson Asks Why Joy Reid Hasn’t Been Charged

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Tucker Carlson asks a good question. Why hasn’t Joy Reid been charged with perpetrating a hoax that involved the FBI?

The left often employs the technique of deep-diving into a political enemy’s social media to find thoughts that are not in lock-step with today’s wokeness. It matters little if the views were mainstream when made; it will be used as a cudgel against you.

This happened to Joy Reid.

Reid once published essays on her blog called The Reid Report. Someone took a peek at archives from 2017 where she expressed opposition to gay marriage. She also wrote about cringing at the sight of two men kissing.

The “homophobic” blog entries were not hers, claimed Reid. Her dormant blog must have been hacked, and her content manipulated to make her look bad. (At least she didn’t claim it was Russians. That wasn’t de rigueur for lefties just yet.)
She insisted that an “unknown, external party accessed and manipulated” her blog to include “offensive and hateful references that are fabricated and run counter to my personal beliefs and ideology.”
To deflect any further questions, she gave assurances that the matter was being handled by the FBI. The story died down.

Guest Chadwick Moore identified who they said was the culprit behind the posts: Reid.
Tucker Carlson resurrected the story-
“Whatever happened to Joy Reid’s gay-bashing scandal? Carlson asked. “She was found a few years ago to have written this blog attacking gay people, putting them in danger, and then she said she never wrote it. Someone had hacked her blog, and she called law enforcement; we never heard the end of that.”
Carlson and his guest, Chadwick Moore, named who they believed was the person behind the unwoke posts – Joy Reid.
Reid claimed she hired a guy to look into it, and the guy said her blog was, indeed, hacked. But her employer, The Daily Beast, looked into it themselves and found the hacking claim dubious.
Then Joy claimed to have called in the FBI. And we never heard a thing about it since.
Carlson quipped, “We do however have a name for when someone fakes a crime, gets law enforcement involved, and then wastes money, government resources, when they know it’s faked. It’s called pulling a ‘Smollett.’” He then asked the obvious: Why isn’t Joy Reid being charged like Smollett?
“We’ve got a murder epidemic underway in the country, there’s a war brewing in Eastern Europe. Now is not the time to tie up FBI resources with your fake hate crime claims. Why hasn’t Joy Reid been charged for lying about this hacking of her blog? he asked incredulously.
Moore answered that Reid enjoys the privileges of being a lefty talking head or FBI agents cut her a deal.
It’s good to be a pretend journalist who is an arm of the DNC.