Trump Used Secret Service Phone To Call Melania Trump

( The left-wing press is going wild about anything to do with former President Donald Trump these days. Now that he’s out of office it’s difficult getting the clicks, the viewers, and the readers they used to get – and the latest faux outrage they’re sharing comes from a story about the former president using a Secret Service agent’s phone to call his wife.

According to reports, the former president used the cell phone of a Secret Service agent to make a private call to his wife, former First Lady Melania Trump, after allegations were made that he had had a sexual relationship with porn star Stormy Daniels.

While on a golf course in 2018, the then-president was informed of news breaking that Stormy Daniels claimed she had had sex with Trump in 2006. The allegations, which are not proven, went viral and the media ran with the story very quickly. Trump responded to the news by using the cell phone of one of the agents protecting him and calling his wife to let her know what was happening.

For some reason, that’s scandalous.

CNN broke the story, of course, speaking to a former White House aide who told them about Trump’s phone habits. Apparently, the agent was “not pleased” that the former president had used his phone.

For some reason.

The anonymous former White house aide also claimed that Trump had an “aversion” to people listening to his calls – which also doesn’t seem strange. Why would the president of the United States want people to hear what he was saying in private to his wife?

CNN also published a statement from the anonymous source that said Trump “took everybody’s calls.”

So, the manufactured scandal here is that the former president was accessible and easy to talk to and that he didn’t want people to hear what he was saying to his wife when an extremely offensive and personal story was breaking in the tabloid press?