Trump TEARS Into Dem Governors Who Sent COVID Patients Into Nursing Homes

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( President Donald Trump didn’t hold back on Tuesday when he unleashed on Democratic governors throughout the country who chose to send coronavirus patients to nursing homes where elderly and vulnerably people live. The decisions placed the lives of thousands of Americans at risk and, in some cases, killed huge numbers of elderly people disproportionately.

It was particularly egregious given that scientists agree how elderly people are particularly at risk of dying if they contract the Chinese virus.

“We are using every tool at our disposal to protect our nursing homes from outbreaks,” the president announced during a Rose Garden press conference. “You saw the disaster of how badly some of the governors handled nursing homes.”

“It is a disgrace what they have done. What some of the governors have done is a disgrace,” he added.

Trump didn’t refer to any of the governors by name, but the country knows who they are at this point. New York has been particularly bad on this issue, after Governor Andrew Cuomo and his office allowed thousands of COVID patients to be taken to nursing homes resulting in a huge spike in deaths. The directive was issued by Governor Cuomo on March 25, and as a result nursing homes were even stopped from testing people who arrived at their facilities.

Over a third of all deaths resulting from coronavirus in the United States have occurred in nursing homes, a result not just of the fact that the virus targets the most vulnerable but because of bad decisions made by governors.

California issued a directive similar to the one from Governor Cuomo’s office, but it was reversed after a public backlash. It saved thousands of lives across the state.

Some states chose to take a completely different direction. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida separated nursing homes from the wider community, and even took the radical measure of allowing the economy to continue functioning while protecting the old and the vulnerable.

Now, some months after the initial outbreak, we’re seeing which measures worked well and which failed.