Trump Takes The Lead As People Want Him To Run In 2024

( An Issues & Insights/TIPP survey released on Monday reveals that 23 percent of respondents said they wanted to see Donald Trump as the Republican nominee in 2024 while only 19 percent of respondents wanted to see Joe Biden’s name at the top of the ticket.

981 registered voters from all parties were asked whom they wanted to see run for President on the GOP ticket in 2024. Trump received 23 percent, followed by former Vice President Mike Pence (11 percent), Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (7 percent), with former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley (4 percent). There were a bunch of also-rans who polled below 2 percent. But the number one spot went to “Not Sure,” which garnered 31 percent.

The same question was asked about the Democrat side, but other than noting only 19 percent chose Biden, the I&I/TIPP report on the survey provides no further detail, namely who else besides Biden was included in the survey and how well did “Not Sure” do?

The only thing the report notes is that 49 percent of Republican respondents said they wanted to see Trump lead the ticket in 2024 while only 29 percent of Democrat respondents said the same about Joe Biden.

The survey doesn’t offer a hypothetical head-to-head match-up between Trump and Biden, so how the two would fare against each other isn’t measured in this survey.

In a nutshell, the poll reveals that Biden’s chronic unpopularity has resulted in an overwhelming lack of interest in four more years of Joe.

Among voters under 30, whom Biden won by huge majorities, the desire to see Biden as the Democrat nominee is virtually non-existent. Only 11 percent of respondents under 30 want Biden to be the 2024 Democrat candidate. Among that same age group, 23 percent wanted Trump to be the Republican candidate.

But among every age group, the trend is the same. The only group where the numbers are close is respondents ages 25-44, with 25 percent saying they want to see Trump run again and 24 percent saying the same about Biden.

It’s entirely possible that Democrats aren’t eager for a Biden 2024 run because they worry having old Joe at the top of the ticket will not only lose them the White House but will cause an electoral bloodbath down-ticket as well.

Read the details of the survey HERE.