Trump Slams Twitter

( Former President Donald Trump got kicked off Twitter a few months ago. Since that time, people have been speculating about his return to the platform.

But, even if Twitter were to remove their ban and let him back, the former president wouldn’t re-join.

On Wednesday, an associate of Trump’s, who remained anonymous, told Politico that “there’s not a chance in hell [Trump] gets back on Twitter.”

The associated said Trump “made [Twitter] the premier app for news, debates and gossip during his presidency.” Now, he has “zero interest” in getting back on the social media platform that kicked him off two weeks before he left the White House.

Twitter removed the former president while he was still in office following comments he made after the January 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol building. The social media giant said he broke their rules multiple times about spreading misinformation and inciting violence.

The social media platform regularly allows other speech that incites and encourages violence around the world.

When Trump was banned from the platform, many people from both sides of the aisle said it was a dangerous move by Twitter. Even Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said he didn’t “feel comfortable about it.”

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham came out on Twitter in support of Trump when it happened, tweeting:

“Twitter may ban me for this but I willingly accept that fate: Your decision to permanently ban President Trump is a serious mistake. The Ayatollah can tweet, but Trump can’t. Says a lot about the people who run Twitter.”

Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas agreed, tweeting:

“Big Tech’s PURGE, censorship & abuse of power is absurd & profoundly dangerous. If you agree w/Tech’s current biases (Iran, good; Trump, bad), ask yourself, what happens when you disagree? Why should a handful of Silicon Valley billionaires have a monopoly on political speech?”

It’s no surprise that, despite once having a huge following on Twitter, the former president would want no part in returning to the platform. Jason Miller, a spokesperson for Trump, said over the weekend that Trump would be returning to social media soon, but not on a traditional site.

He planned to launch “his own platform” that they think will attract “tens of millions” of users and also “completely redefine the game.” In the meantime, since being banned by Twitter and Facebook, Trump has been communicating through interviews, a speech and statements.

On Monday, Trump himself told Newsmax that he doesn’t miss being on Twitter. He said:

“Everybody’s waiting, and I think I’m getting better and more coverage with that than I did with tweeting. I like this better than Twitter. Actually, they did us a favor. This is better.”

As for the social media platform plans, one of Trump’s advisors said the work is going strong. He said:

“Trump has solicited ideas from a bunch of people, and some of the people visiting him at Mar-a-Lago have told him he should do his own thing and start a competitors, but even after conversations like that, there hasn’t been a real sense of urgency on his end. He’s not instructing his team to drop everything and figure out the social media question.”