Trump Shares Article About Himself Saying: “Trump In 2024? Bet On It”

( Earlier this month, American Greatness writer Ned Ryun penned a column titled “Trump in 2024? Bet on It” in which Ryun states that former President Trump will run again in 2024.

Ryun believes that nobody, not even Ron DeSantis has a chance of defeating Trump in the primary and once Trump gets the nomination, he can will the general no matter who the Democrat nominee is.

In his column, Ryun concedes that some people might be nervous, frustrated, or concerned over the prospect of another Trump run, but adds that he is “all in.”

Naturally, this cheerleading column caught the attention of the former president. A week after Ryun’s column was published, Donald Trump shared a link to the article on his Truth Social account.

Recently, the former president has gone from teasing that he may or may not run in 2024 to teasing about when he may or may not announce his decision to run in 2024.

The Washington Post reported last week that some people close to Trump said he may announce his decision in September, but he is considering how such an announcement would impact the Midterm elections.

If Trump is interested in a Republican victory in November, he would be wise to keep his powder dry and wait to announce until after the midterms are over. Announcing his 2024 plans before voters go to the polls in the midterm elections would suck every ounce of oxygen out of the room.

In an interview with anti-Trump reporter Olivia Nuzzi (why does he keep granting interviews to people who hate him?), Trump said he has already made up his mind on what he plans to do and he is confident if he does run in 2024 “I’ll win.”

Trump told Nuzzi that he thinks there would be “certain assets” to his announcing before the Midterms (not for Republicans running in November).

He suggested that if he announces early, a lot of the Republicans who are thinking of entering the 2024 race will decide to sit it out.