Trump Says “Head Of Media” Should Air A Debate Over 2020 Election

( Former President Donald Trump has the truth on his side when he talks about election fraud in 2020, and that’s clearer than ever now that not one single media outlet has taken him up on his challenge of airing a televised debate about the matter.

Mediaite, a website that sometimes defends conservatives but which for the most part pushes the lie that 2020 was the most secure election in history, cynically reported on how the former president is “ginning for a fight” on the issue, pushing for any TV channel in America to air a debate “that the 2020 Election was rigged and stolen.”

The news outlet said that some see it as a “naked play for attention’ to “amplify his baseless claims” – but the former president is willing to offer himself and his team to literally any TV outlet in the country to provide the evidence of the many claims he has made.

Evidence that has been presented time and time again, but which media outlets still refuse to see.

Do they think the claims remain “baseless” if they just pretend there’s no evidence?

In a statement issued via his Save America PAC, Trump said that he is “willing to challenge the heads of the various papers or even far-left politicians, who have perpetuated the Real Big Lie, which is voter irregularities and fraud on a massive and determinable scale.”

He’s telling the truth. The irregularities, misconduct, and blatant fraud that occurred have been documented by the Voter Integrity Project, which found instances of illegal votes being counted, and people casting votes potentially in two states. The number of questionable ballots in swing states all over the country often surpassed several tens of thousands.

The challenge was issued on Sunday night, but so far not a single media outlet has taken him up on the offer.

They know it’s real, don’t they? And letting Trump show the evidence will just expose their Real Big Lie…