Trump Reportedly Went Into Shadow War Against CIA

( National security journalist Zach Dorfman claimed recently that in the final month of Donald Trump’s presidency, the 45th president signed off on important parts of a new secret Pentagon campaign that would “conduct sabotage, propaganda and other psychological and information operations in Iran.”

The report revealed how former senior officials from the Trump administration confirmed that a new campaign was being organized and would be led by the Special Operations forces of the United States military. Its goal was to undermine the faith of the Iranian people in their own government, which is run by an illegitimately elected extremist.

Sounds weirdly familiar, doesn’t it?

The campaign would also shake the sense of competence and the overall stability of the current regime.

Dorfman revealed how the plan evolved into a 200-page document that laid out a number of options, and included ideas that would cause the Iranian people to doubt the people who control their country, or doubt their own ability to fight a war.

It sounds positive, and a good way to help the Iranian people break free of the Islamist extremists controlling their lives – but what good is it when former government officials go public with the secretive campaign and give the game away?

Thanks to these people, now Iran knows America’s plans.

While Trump was being briefed about the vast array of ideas, he admitted that it would need to be carried out by the incoming Biden administration. However, it is unclear whether Biden has gone ahead with any of the plans. The CIA and the Department of Defense have both refused to comment, so unless we start seeing some major instability in Iran, we may never really know.

Let’s just hope Biden doesn’t do irreparable harm before 2024, when Trump has a shot at returning to the White House.