Trump Reportedly Hits Hole-In-One In Private Golf Game

( Trump stroked a hole-in-one. This is a fact unless you believe four professional golfers, including the president’s entourage, are in a conspiratorial lie, a hoax.


Here is Mediaite reporting:


“A political candidate from South Carolina claims former President Donald Trump made a hole-in-one during a round of golf Saturday in Florida.”

“Claims”? The overt skepticism has been the tone of most left-leaning media outlets covering the former Presidents’ remarkable shot.

The hatred for Trump is unceasing and incredulous. Trump made the hole-in-one, but the left treats it as a dubious story.

The ace occurred while playing with former World No. 1 golfer Ernie Els and professional golfers Ken Duke, Mike Goodes, and Gene Sauers.

The shot took place at Trump International Golf Course Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, on the 7th hole, a par 3, playing 181-yards into a slight wind.

Trump said he chose a 5-iron to make the shot, and it “sailed magnificently” into a strong wind. The golf ball bounced twice and then went ‘clunk’ into the hole.

In a released statement, it appears that the ace helped Trump’s team win the match because he coyly alluded to a win.

“I won’t tell you who won because I am a very modest individual, and then you will say I was bragging — and I don’t like people who brag!” Trump wrote.

A picture was released of the golfers standing on the green where the rare shot occurred. Golf Hall-of-Famer Ernie Els — a four-time major champion, put up one finger, indicating that a hole-in-one was made.

Trump was holding up the golf ball.

The director of communications for Save America and Trump released a video of Trump retrieving a golf ball before high-fiving other players. The footage depicts the aftermath of him taking his shot.

For the skeptical, Trump has previously made a verified hole-in-one.

Trump made an ace which hundreds of people witnessed. In 1993, at the 12th hole of the famed Pebble Beach Golf links, Trump holed out on a par 3.

Trump is a good golfer, despite what the left thinks.