Trump Ranked Fourth Worst President By Corrupt, Nasty C-Span

( Former President Donald Trump can’t escape bias and extreme anger towards him for standing up to the establishment. It seems that virtually all major news outlet is against him, including C-SPAN. The network just issued the results of its 2021 President Historian Survey, finding that the former president – who mobilized one of the biggest movements of Americans in presidential election history – was ranked the fourth-from-worst president in American history.

We’re talking about the man who got the most votes of any sitting president in history.

Who believes this stuff?

The C-SPAN survey was first conducted in the year 2000. The rankings are decided by a group of 142 historians, professional observers, and professors, who all give each president a score between one and 10 for a number of different characteristics. So that explains where the insane ranking comes from.

It wasn’t decided by the American people – it was decided by biased “professionals.”

The panel gave former President Trump a score of 312 in total. It gave him a ranking of 41 out of 45, and put him only above Presidents Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, and Pierce.

The bias is already pretty clear, but it becomes even more obvious when you consider former President Barack Obama – whose legacy includes killing innocent children and families with a record number of drone strikes ordered by any president – received a score of 664.

That’s more than double President Trump, and makes him the 10th best president in history.

Do you believe that?

The panel who came up with the ranking gave former President Trump his best rankings in Economic Management, where he came 34th, and Public Persuasion, where he came 32nd.

President Trump saw the best jobs numbers in American history and they didn’t rank him number one…do you see the spite?