Trump Promises To End Trans Chaos In Women’s Sports When President

( Former President Donald Trump hasn’t officially announced his intention to run for president in 2024, but between his recent highly-attended rallies and his regular media interviews, it seems pretty clear so far.

During his most recent rally in Texas, which was attended by tens of thousands of people, the former president promised that should he enter the White House again, he would “ban men from participating in women’s sports.”

It’s a message that even just 10 or 20 years ago would sound absolutely insane, but which today proves to be a hugely powerful talking point. It turns out that the American people don’t support the radical “transgender” agenda pushed by Democrats in power.

Who would have thought it?

Trump also made reference to a recent Ivy League sex scandal involving a man named Lia Thomas being allowed to swim in the women’s races after simply declaring that he is “transgender.” Thomas claimed that he has a “female gender identity” and was simply allowed to switch teams.

Yeah, really:

During the former president’s speech, he slammed the decision as “so ridiculous.”

It prompted loud applause from the crowd – and combined with polling that repeatedly shows that the general public doesn’t support allowing men to compete in women’s sports, it’s clear that the American people are behind President Donald Trump on this.

In the same speech, the former president also expressed his support of the freedom convoys and opposed the introduction of vaccine mandates.

Coming from the man who made the vaccines possible, it’s no doubt a huge sigh of relief for many Americans looking for a politician willing to represent and protect the people with whom he disagrees.

Could this be the basis of Trump’s next campaign? Pro-vaccine, anti-mandate, pro-freedom, and anti-trans extremism?