Trump Predicts End Of SNL After 48 Years

The weekend after the January 6 select committee hearing featuring slickly-produced footage showing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer during the Capitol riot, Saturday Night Live opened its show with a 9-minute sketch that poked fun at Pelosi, Schumer, the committee members, and of course former President Trump.

Jan 6th Final Hearing Cold Open – SNL – YouTube

In the sketch, the committee is watching “footage” of “Pelosi” and “Schumer” talking on the phone with Mike Pence. While most of the “footage” is harsher to Schumer, even this light mockery was met with outrage by Leftists, furious that Saturday Night Live would make light of the Democrat leaders who were trying to protect the country from an insurrection. This is why Saturday Night Live rarely makes fun of Democrats.

The thin-skinned Democrat base is a humor less bunch that reacts to even the mildest mockery with frothing outrage. And while the mockery of the Democrats was mild, SNL didn’t hold back in its mockery of Trump.

The sketch featured “footage” of Trump sitting on the toilet and taking a phone call. He brags that the votes don’t matter and Apollo Creed is a close friend of his. Then he asks, “Is Pence dead yet?” And if the Leftists were outraged at the mild mockery of Pelosi and Schumer, their outrage was matched by that of Trump.

In a post on Truth Social, the furious Trump lashed out, trashing SNL’s ratings and predicting that it would get canceled.

@realDonaldTrump’s post | Truth Social

Trump bragged that when he hosted SNL, the ratings were “HUUUGE!” However, he said, since then, the ratings have dropped and the show “will probably be put to ‘rest.’”

He said SNL Executive Producer Lorne Michaels is “angry and exhausted” and the show is “not funny or smart.” Trump said SNL has lost its audience and declared, “it is over for SNL” which he added would be a “great thing for America!”