Trump Jr Sends Political Message Defending Guns

( While campaigning in Missouri, Donald Trump Jr. was featured in a video posted to YouTube by Republican Senate candidate Eric Greitens showing the two having a little fun shooting guns at a firing range.

After firing a few rounds from automatic rifles, Trump Junior joked that they were “striking fear into the hearts of liberals everywhere.”

Then the pair are seen firing semi-automatic pistols at targets as Greitens then says, “Liberals beware.”

Watch HERE.

Naturally, the corporate media was aghast at the 21-second video of a couple of guys having fun at a firing range.

The breathless drama queens at Mediaite posted the video and spent their entire article rehashing Greitens’ ex-wife’s lurid claims of abuse.

The leftwing outlet zeroed in on the part of Sheena Greitens’ affidavit where she described trying to get Eric Greitens to tell her where he keeps the gun he purchased in 2018 and hid from her. In her affidavit, Sheena claims she was so in fear for her children’s safety, that she slept in their room to “simply try and keep them safe.”

The Mediaite narrative, in a nutshell, is: Greitens shoots guns at a gun range, so clearly, Sheena Greitens had reason to be afraid.

After pointing out that Greitens is trailing in the polls behind Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, Mediaite then rehashes how Eric Greitens was forced to resign as Missouri governor after only a year in office after the bogus felony charges against him were dropped.

For good measure, Mediaite closes its article by reminding everyone that Greitens admitted to having an affair in 2015.